How to Play Sic Bo at OKBET online Casino Ultimate Guide 2022

There are various steps to playing Sic Bo on sites like Casino Philippines. First, you must comprehend the game’s rules. Then you must select your betting options. Next, decide whether you wish to gamble on the odd or even outcome of the dice. You should also be aware of the payments and techniques. So let’s get started!

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is a dice game in which players wager on the results of dice rolls. It is simple to understand and even simpler to play in the best online casinos. You can gamble on any number of locations per roll, ranging from one to sixteen. There are also numerous betting possibilities, such as Big and Small bets. The Small bet is your best option because it has the lowest house edge.

The odds of winning vary based on the sort of wager you place. The Big/Small bet has the best odds of winning because it requires all three dice to land on the same number. The chances are comparable to those seen in roulette. The remaining bets, however, have a house edge ranging from 7.4% to 18.5%, making them less appealing in terms of theoretical returns.

Betting Alternatives

In Sic Bo, different sorts of bets have varying payouts. Players can place bets on a specific triple and double combinations as well as general bets based on the number that is drawn. The house edge is set in this game, although the RTP rates vary according to the type of bet.

Sic Bo’s betting choices are not as extensive as those of other casino games. However, depending on their budget, participants can place several wagers in the game. The more the bet, the greater the possible payout. This makes it an excellent option for both high-rollers and casual gamers.

When playing Sic Bo in online casinos, players have a variety of betting options. They can place many bets at once, in addition to betting on individual dice combinations. Online casinos typically enable players to wager on up to 16 different regions on a single roll. Players can develop a Sic Bo strategy and better manage their money by examining all betting alternatives and payouts.


Sic Bo is a popular casino game due to its large payouts. While the game is entirely based on chance, participants can win massive sums of money. In fact, if you win big enough, this game may earn you a dream vacation. Find a casino with the best payouts to improve your chances of winning.

Sic Bo pays out based on the totals of the three dice. The payment is the highest when all three dice land on the same number. Six, nine, and seventeen are possible winning numbers. However, you can also wager on any number from one to six. These have payments of one to one for a single dice match, two to one for two dice, and three to one for three dice.

Sic Bo payouts differ from those found in land-based casinos. While traditional casinos accept cash and deliver a stack of chips, internet casinos require players to fund their accounts before they can play. They must then place their chips in the spots corresponding to their forecasts for the following roll. The dealer will assist you with the game by explaining each space’s meaning.

Playing Strategy

You need to follow some tips and methods if you want to succeed at online Sic Bo games. First, you should be disciplined and avoid making alternative bets, which rarely result in significant wins. Instead, limit yourself to the two most fundamental bets, Big and Small. Limit your risk to an amount you can afford to lose.

You should also try out a Sic Bo demo version of the game. It will assist you in developing a strategy and learning the game without putting your money at risk. It can also help you understand the various Sic Bo betting types. Try to play with small stakes in the first few rounds to get a feel for the game’s rules and tactics.