Vietnamese Gambling Games You Should Try Casino

Vietnamese gambling games are a fun way to diversify your gaming options. There are a few gambling games in Vietnamese that are popular in the culture but are not widely available outside. However, TheSportsGeek has been experimenting with Vietnamese gambling games, which everyone should look into.

Casino gaming is mostly prohibited for Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam.

However, several exceptions should be mentioned. Vietnamese citizens can currently enter two casinos in Vietnam. These casinos can be found on the southern island of Phu Quoc and the northern province of Quang Ninh. Certain citizens are barred from entering the facility due to security measures in place.

Only Vietnamese citizens with no criminal record, a monthly income of at least $449.00 USD, and no objections from their families are eligible to enter. They are also charged an admission fee. Tourists visiting Vietnam face a very different situation.

The Casino Industry Prioritizes Tourism

There are luxurious casinos in Vietnam, but they cater to tourists. To gamble in casino resorts, you must have a foreign passport. The Grand Ho Tram Strip is one of the most well-known casino resorts for tourists.

However, this does not prevent Vietnamese from enjoying their favorite gambling games. Millions of Vietnamese nationals enjoy gambling all around the world. For some families, playing a traditional Vietnamese gambling game together is a national hobby.

You don’t have to be Vietnamese to enjoy these casino games. However, having a friend walk you through the regulations would be really beneficial.

Over the next few minutes, TheSportsGeek will be your companion as we discuss the best gambling game in Vietnam. We’ll go over the most popular gambling game in Vietnamese, as well as others you might enjoy with your pals.

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Games of Chance in Vietnam

If you’re Vietnamese, chances are you’ve already heard about these games. Even if you have never gambled on them, there is likely a family member or friend in your circle who is familiar with how they function.

Why would you want to learn about Vietnamese gambling games if you aren’t Vietnamese? There is a big world out there, and learning about new sorts of gaming and cultures is always a good thing. Let us now look at the most popular gambling games in Vietnam.

Tom Ca Bau Cua

In Vietnam, the most popular and well-known gambling game is Bau Cua. On the occasion of the Vietnamese New Year, many Vietnamese families and friends will participate in this game.

In English, Bau Cua Tom Ca translates to Gourd Crab Shrimp Fish.

Bau Cua Tom Ca is an easy-to-learn and enjoyable game. To play Bau Cua, no translations are required. Anyone can pick up and enjoy learning Bau Cau right away.

Chinese gamblers enjoy the game as well. In China, it’s commonly referred to as Hoo Hey How.

If this Vietnamese gambling game can be compared to any prominent casino game in the United States, it has to be roulette or craps. The carnival game chuck-a-luck is popular in the United States, but it hasn’t been widespread since medieval times and isn’t commonly played.

Bau Cua Tom Ca is a fully random game that requires no abilities.

To win at Bau Cua Tom Ca, you must be lucky and accurately predict the symbols that will appear on the dice. Learn how to play Bau Cua Tom Ca and the payout rules below.

Playing Bau Cua Tom Ca

The game is played with a board that has six symbols on it. A crab, gourd, fish, rooster, shrimp, and deer are on the board. To play the game, three six-sided Bau Cua dice are required.

Put Your Money on an Animal Symbol

Before rolling the dice, gamblers must place their wager on a symbol on the board. By placing their money on the sign, they can choose any of the six creatures.

After the gamblers have made their selections, the dice are rolled, usually between a plate and a bowl, and winners and losers are determined. Gamblers who do not have their symbol face up will forfeit their entire bet.

If there is just one symbol, players’ bets will be returned in a push. Two symbols equal twice as much money. In other words, a $20.00 bet will yield a $40.00 return.

The highest possible payoff in Bau Cua is three dice symbols. This results in the winning player receiving three times the original stake.

Bau Cua Tom Ca is a quick and easy game that everyone can learn. It can also be a successful Vietnamese gambling game if you’re lucky.

Bau Cua Tom Ca Betting Predictions

There is no particular formula or betting strategy that may be used to defeat Bau Cua Tom Ca. Because each roll of the dice is autonomous, the outcomes will always be random.

Patterns can be found by gamblers, but it is not worth anyone’s attention.

Gamblers enjoy tracking which vehicles have been played, similar to baccarat, but it is a fully random game. However, there is one important tip when betting on Bau Cua.

Each round, only bet a small amount of your cash. To be successful, you must have appropriate bankroll management abilities in order to stay in the game.

Betting more than you can afford to lose is the worst thing you can do, especially in a high-volatility gambling game.

Fish Fights

We at TheSportsGeek do not support fish fighting, although it is a popular hobby in Vietnam. Most people are obviously not interested in gambling.

Today, it is predominantly played by rural villages and elderly Vietnamese folks. Because gambling is primarily prohibited in Vietnam, the fish fighting circles do not operate legally.

In Vietnam, authorities are fast to bust fish fighting and gambling rings. However, the activity is still done secretly, and in some situations, fish fighting is just for fun.

There are farmers in Vietnam who specialize in breeding and producing fighting fish. The fish are generally bought for pets and decoration these days, although some are still used for gambling.

Male Siamese fighting fish and Bagan Betta fish are naturally drawn to one other and attack each other. They can range from cents to more than $30.00 for a single fish.

The fish are maintained in jars until the combat begins. I guess we’ll stick to Bau Cua Tom Ca at TheSportsGeek, but it’s worth highlighting as a Vietnamese gambling game you may not have heard of before.


Gambling is mostly banned in Vietnam, yet the cultural impact of gambling is difficult to ignore. While gambling is still prohibited, the government has relaxed its attitude in recent years. A effort has been made to legalize more local casinos to serve Vietnamese citizens.

Bau Cua, Vietnam’s Gambling King

Cua Bau Tom Ca is the undisputed king of gambling games in Vietnam. There is no other sort of gambling that better describes a Vietnamese gambling game than Bau Cua.

Over the previous two decades, gambling regulations have been subject to fast change. It will be interesting to see where things go next for casino gambling in Vietnam.

Traditional Vietnamese gambling games, on the other hand, will continue to be enjoyed by locals. There are also illegal sports betting organizations, where millions of dollars are wagered each year. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Vietnam for betting.

While fish fighting is no longer as popular in the country as it once was, Bau Cua Tom Ca remains a popular gambling game among gamblers, family, and friends. If you want to try something new, check out the entertaining game.

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