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Would you like to play xoc dia online in Philippines? Check out our professional tutorial and you’ll be up and running in no time! We’ll go through the fundamentals of online xoc dia, the distinctions between online and street games, and much more.

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What exactly is Xoc Dia Online?

You can buy xoc dia online in India, but unless you’re from Vietnam, you might be unclear what it is. Like sic bo, this basic yet fascinating gambling game originated on the streets and is steeped in Asian culture.

The major portion of the game, xoc dia, is translated as shake the plate’ in English. It was and still is popular in Vietnam, where it was invented in the early twentieth century. All you need to play is a few colored coins and a bowl, which explains its popularity among illicit street gamblers.

However, playing xoc dia online is not illegal, and the best online casinos currently offer the game. It’s simple to understand, takes only a few minutes to play, and provides enormous rewards to lucky players!

How to Play Online Xoc Dia

If you want to play XOC DIA but don’t know how, we have good news: it’s very simple to learn, and we’ll show you how right now! Check here to know how to play XOC Dia online 2022

What to anticipate

The main principle is the same whether you’re playing xoc dia online or on the streets of Vietnam. A bowl is filled with chips, each of which is red on one side and white on the other. After then, the bowl is shook and flipped over. This will show how many chips have the red side up and how many have the white side up.

How to Place a Bet in Xoc Dia

The goal of the game is to properly anticipate how many red or white chips will be exposed. So, whenever you place a bet, you’ll gamble on either red or white.

You can place mild bets such as odd reds or even reds, which have around 50/50 probability. You can also aim for something more dramatic to increase your payout if you win.