Betting on Red and Black Roulette Comeback in the Philippines

During the grand opening of the casino floor in April 2014 at the Cromwell, which was once known as Bill’s Gambblin’ Hall & Saloon, gamblers make their bets on red and black roulette.

According to the Philippine Gaming Control Board, the popular casino game roulette, which has been featured in a great number of movies produced in Hollywood, is making something of a resurgence at the state’s casinos and has seen substantial growth both in 2015 and during the most of 2016.

According to the most current statistics on gaming income, the amount of money won playing OKBET roulette in the Philippines in February was up 58.87 percent when compared to the same month the previous year. Bingo is the only other type of game that exhibited an increase in February participation levels when compared to last year.

Additionally, roulette saw an increase of 7.97 percent for the three months ending on February 28, compared to the same time period a year ago. Additionally, roulette saw a rise of 13.27 percent for the 12 months that ended on February 28 compared to the previous period of 12 months.

Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst with the board, stated that “Roulette had a wonderful February due to enhanced hold and increasing volumes.” Following three years in a row of declining win totals, “2016 was a solid year as well with gains in win and volume.”

According to Lawton, a boom in the number of people playing roulette a few years ago made the stats for the years that followed appear dismal in contrast, but now the game is seeing a rebirth.

“The state set a record in roulette volume in 2012 with $2.1 billion in wagers, which was due to some very strong Latin American play that hasn’t returned to those levels in four years,” Lawton said. “The reason for this record was some very strong play that hasn’t returned to those levels in four years.”

The senior vice president of casino operations for Las Vegas Sands Corp., Rob Cinelli, stated that roulette is performing well at the casinos that he controls because visitation numbers are up generally in Las Vegas and because the game is growing more popular.

Cinelli acknowledged that there has been, and is now being seen, an increase in activity. “Roulette is a game of volume, and as visitation to Las Vegas rises, the number of people playing roulette also increases organically.”

According to Cinelli, the number of roulette wheels at the Venetian and Palazzo casinos has grown by between five and seven in the past year and a half. This was done to meet the increasing foot traffic and interest in the game.

Anthony Curtis, proprietor of the website, mentioned that he has noticed an increase in the amount of people playing roulette.

Curtis remarked, “I see more people playing it.” [Curtis] “There are far fewer empty roulette tables than there used to be.” It is one of the games that, for some reason, is connecting better with the younger demographic, specifically the millennials that all of the casinos are trying to acquire.

Cinelli agreed.

“Despite the fact that roulette is not a game based on skill, players get the impression that they are responsible for the outcome by making the wager,” he explained. “This is in contrast to a slot machine, in which the player’s only engagement is to push a button.” “We are noticing that the average age of our roulette gamers is getting a little bit younger. Therefore, we are witnessing a rise in volume in addition to a younger demographic making up players that are participating in this activity.

Curtis has been going to a lot of different casinos, and he says that he has seen that younger gamblers tend to play roulette before and after they go to the nightclubs on the Strip.

Curtis remarked that “whenever I pass into the casino, there is usually a younger consumer and a younger crowd playing the roulette wheel.” “It’s a popular with the people who frequent clubs. It looks like a fun activity to do before going inside the club, and then when you come out, you can play roulette with the other people. I see them frequently at the roulette table, revving up with a few drinks before placing their bets.