Thunder Awaken helps Luckbox expand in South America Casino News

This year, at the beginning of the year, the premier sports betting, esports, and casino gaming company Luckbox entered Brazil’s South American esports betting market.

This has resulted in a significant increase in player registrations, deposits, and site traffic, enabling the company to report some extremely encouraging figures from the preceding quarter of the financial year.

Because of the insatiable demand for esports in South American countries, it should be no surprise that Luckbox has now agreed to expand into another significant South American market.

That market is Peru, and the entry is made possible in large part by a sponsorship deal struck with the Thunder Awaken esports organization. Thunder Awaken is a team that is currently making a significant splash at the Dota 2 International tournament that is taking place at the moment.

Thunder Awaken helps Luckbox expand in South America | Casino

The Timing Is Just Perfect For Luckbox

This new deal represents perfect timing for Luckbox given the amount of coverage there has been of Thunder Awaken’s exploits at the richest esports tournament in the world. Given the success of their previous forays into new markets, this new deal represents perfect timing for Luckbox.

Their exploits have certainly raised the profile a great deal, not just of Peruvian esports, but of the whole South and Latin American region’s esports ecosystem. Although the Peruvian team may not feature as one of the strongest favourites in the latest betting for the TI 2022 Playoffs, their exploits have certainly raised the profile of Peruvian esports.

Thunder Awaken earned a spot in the top bracket of the knockout tournament by finishing in third place in their Group during the main stages of The International 2022 with an impressive 10-8 record. As a result of this accomplishment, they have been seeded against Evil Geniuses, who are widely considered to be among the most challenging opponents that can be faced.

Even though they are the clear underdogs in that fixture, their performances have already sent shockwaves through the esports community, and many people believe that Thunder Awaken will now be the “next big thing” in South American esports.

“Major Player in the Strategic Landscape”

Daniel Sanders, the Director of Marketing at Real Luck Group, offered the following comment in reference to the partnership with Thunder Awaken:

“Peru is an extremely important market for us from a strategic standpoint. Not only because of the enormous interest in esports, but also because we want to broaden our offerings to bettors in this thriving market through our online casino and sportsbook.”

Through participation in the Dota 2 International 11 competition, “This new initiative also gives the Luckbox brand exposure to 16 million (Thunder Awaken channels) fans.”

In conclusion, he said that they are looking forward to working with local regulators and providing additional details regarding their LATAM growth strategy over the next few months.

As part of the agreement, Luckbox and Thunder Awaken will undertake what the companies describe as “a significant branding and country-wide integrated approach in Peru.”

As a result of their successes in esports, the Peruvian esports team has already inked sponsorship deals with major corporations like McDonald’s and Intel. This is helping the team gain exposure not only in Peru but also across the globe.

Increasing One’s Popularity While Broadening One’s Customer Base

The Real Luck Group made a smart business decision by entering into this partnership. A significant number of South American esports fans have recently discovered the thrill of esports betting by following the continent’s best teams and their partners.

As you can see from our review of Luckbox, one of the factors that contributes to the company’s growing popularity among customers is the high quality of the website and betting odds offered by the business. This, in turn, encourages even more customers to sign up with the company, particularly in these emerging markets.

As the company continues to work toward expanding its operations across the globe, we have a strong feeling that this will not be the last time Luckbox enters a new market.

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