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What Is Fortnite, and What Do We Know About It?

When it comes to battle royale (BR) games, there isn’t a more popular game than Fortnite. While games like Fire Fight and Apex Legends are popular, they cannot compete with Fortnite.

As of 2019, Fortnite had approximately 2.3 million viewers worldwide, reestablishing its position as the leading battle royale game. Because of its popularity, the game has made its way into the world of esports betting. This article will explain how to gamble on Fortnite and provide additional information about Fortnite esports betting.

What is the appeal of Fortnite on esports betting sites?

Fortnite’s popularity has grown in the betting and esports communities. PUBG is currently the only battle royale game that can compete with Fortnite. Other games are either too young to compete with Fortnite’s popularity or are simply not as entertaining.


However, Fortnite’s popularity is not due to chance; it is due to a specific feature. In fact, every other popular battle royale game has this feature, albeit to varying degrees. This feature is known as watchability.

The ability of a game to entertain both viewers and players is referred to as its watchability. This feature influences the amount of live streaming that the game receives over time, which in turn influences its popularity among players and punters. The game’s characters, weapons, and every other aspect appear to be on point, making it no surprise that it has risen to the top rank among other battle royale titles.

Distinctive Gameplay

Another reason for Fortnite’s widespread popularity is the title’s distinct gameplay. Due to the nature of battle, royal games have enjoyable gameplay, and Fortnite was no exception. The game genre allows for a large number of players and contestants to compete in the last-man-standing contest. The gameplay is the same whether you play alone or in a team; you loot and kill other contestants until you are the last man standing.

The game is very interesting and necessitates a high level of skill. It is not uncommon to see both players and viewers on the edge of their seats while playing the game. All of these characteristics make that game a suitable title for betting and gambling, and we were not surprised to see it emerge in the world of esports betting.

Outstanding Odds

Apart from its intriguing nature and unique gameplay, Fortnite’s high betting odds are another reason why it is frequently seen on esports betting sites. The Fortnite gaming events attracted huge odds, giving punters the chance to win a lot of money.

However, don’t be fooled by the huge odds. If you intend to gamble on Fortnite, you should be aware that it is a relatively simple but difficult exercise. This is due to the large number of contestants (or, more accurately, potential winners) in a typical Fortnite game. A solo game can have up to 100 players, a duo game can have 50 players, and a team-based game can have 25 players.

As a result, while the odds are high, you will be playing or betting on a large number of people, making it appear difficult, if not impossible, to win at the end of the day if you know the game and scene inside and out.

Prize Money and Major Events

The game’s massive events are the final reason why Fortnite is so popular among esports betting sites. In 2019, the game hosted a World Cup tournament with a prize pool of $30 million, the largest prize pool in any esports game to date.

Consider this: With such a large reward, it’s only natural that almost everyone would want a bite, hence its popularity.

Gaming Events in Fortnite

Apart from the World Cup Finals, there have been two major gaming events in the Fortnite game. The first is called Summer Skirmish. This is an eight-week tournament in which contestants compete for a share of $500,000. This tournament is only held on weekends and alternates weekly between solo and duo games. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points wins.

Another recent major Fortnite event was the Pro-Am tournament. This tournament pitted 50 players against 50 celebrities in a battle for $3 million in charity funds. The winning couple gets to choose which charity receives the money. The tournament consists of three games: solo practice, duo practice, and the championship match.

Sites to Bet on Fortnite Esports

With over 250 million players worldwide, the Fortnite esports community is growing at a rapid pace. While it is not yet a fully fledged esports title, it is only a matter of time before it becomes one. You don’t want to wait until then to learn about the Fortnite esports betting world and how to profit from it. This is why we’ve put together this list of Fortnite esports betting sites.

The first and most important way to make money on Fortnite is through betting, which is made possible by Fortnite esports betting sites. There are numerous betting sites available, and many of them have questionable reputations. To avoid these shady sites, you must first understand the important factors to consider when selecting Fornite esports betting sites.

What Are the Best Fortnite Esports Betting Sites?

When you use a reliable and excellent betting platform, punting becomes relatively simple. While the platform will profit, it will also ensure that you smile at the bank when the game results in your favor. Aside from the money aspect, most betting sites will require you to provide personal and financial information. You want to make sure that the platform that has access to such sensitive information is safe, secure, and has a good reputation.

The following are some of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a Fortnite esports betting site.

Permission and licensing

The first thing you should look for on a site that offers Fortnite betting is the license it has. Is it legal for the betting company to operate in your country of residence? Is there a physical office in your country of residence for the site? Are you legally protected from dealing with this betting company?

These are critical questions that you must answer before registering with any Fornite esports betting platform. They are important because you will need the law on your side if you have a problem with this betting site. Furthermore, if the company is not permitted to operate in your country, you will be unable to claim winnings generated by betting on the platform.

Many countries have betting regulatory commissions whose job it is to issue gambling licenses. You can check the legitimacy of any betting platform with the regulatory body in your country. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the world’s most stringent regulatory body. This means that any betting site approved by the UKGC is usually well-known.

This is not to say that betting companies regulated by other organizations, such as Curacao, are untrustworthy. You may simply need to conduct additional research on such companies before entrusting your money and personal information to them.

Examine the Bonus Offers

Because there are so many Fornite esports betting sites out there, one way these sites try to attract a larger audience is by offering bonuses. Punters can increase their earnings on a game by taking advantage of these bonuses. Typically, the site with the most generous bonus attracts the most punters.

Most sites offer a signup bonus, first deposit bonus, or free bet as a bonus. When you register as a new user on a betting platform, you will receive a signup bonus. It could take the form of free money or a percentage increase in deposited funds, which brings us to the second type of bonus.

The first deposit bonus is also available to new users, who receive a percentage increase on their initial deposits. If the bonus percentage is 100%, you will receive $200 if your first deposit is $100. The free bet bonus allows punters to wager without using their own money.

Another important factor to consider is the eligibility requirement of the Fortnite promo codes. While these bonuses sound appealing, some conditions must be met before you can claim them. You will not be able to claim these bonus winnings, no matter how large they are, unless you meet the terms of these requirements.

Payment and banking options are also important.

The financial industry, like almost all other industries around the world, has evolved over time, and one of the results of these evolutions is a plethora of options for people to send and receive money all over the world.

Because the esports betting industry involves sending and receiving money, it stands to reason that the industry operates in accordance with numerous financial innovations. As a result, many betting sites accept credit and debit cards, online banking solutions, cryptocurrency, and other payment methods.

An ideal Fortnite esports betting site will allow you to use many, if not all, of the gambling industry’s payment and banking options. It is not unusual to see a betting platform with more than five payment options, including credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency, and others.

However, in addition to the availability of these payment options on the site, you must ensure that these payment options are also permitted in your country of residence, particularly when it comes to gambling. Because some countries have praised embargoes on certain banking options, this is an important factor to consider.

Finally, you should look into the betting site’s payment processing speed and banking policies. These policies govern refunds, withdrawals, failed transactions, and delayed transactions, among other things. You should also consider the fees associated with depositing and withdrawing your winnings. The last thing you want to do is sign up with a site that charges you nearly half of your winnings to withdraw. There are such betting sites, believe us!

Allow the Odds to Work in Your Favor.

The extent to which you win when betting on Fortnite games is largely determined by the odds associated with the game. This is why it is critical that you select an esports betting site with impressive and massive odds. Remember what we said about the huge odds that Fortnite games have? As a result, you should make certain that the betting site is not defrauding you of the potentially lucrative Fortnite winnings.

In addition to checking the odds, look at the site’s profit margin. When you win, the betting site profits from your winnings, which is legal because they provided you with the platform to bet and win in the first place. However, the profit margin should not deplete your winnings too much.

Customer Service

Customers come first for most businesses, and the same is true for bookmakers and esports betting sites. Before you choose a Fortnite esports betting site, make sure that the customer support system is excellent and effective. This means that the betting company has multiple channels of communication for punters in the event of a problem. Not only are these modes of communication simple to use, but they are also quick, and punters will receive a response as soon as possible.

With systems like these in place, it is much easier to persuade punters that the bookmaker has their best interests at heart and is always willing to assist when needed. The answer to how to know what the customer support service is like before signing up is gaming forums. You will be able to see what other punters have to say about the bookmakers and their services in these forums.

If you are skeptical of other people’s opinions, you can always put the websites to the test yourself. This includes inquiring about their bonuses or sign-up process prior to registering with them. The speed and manner with which they respond will give you an idea of the quality of their customer service.

Choosing the best Fortnite bookmaker can be stressful because you must consider many factors and conduct extensive research. However, the stress is worthwhile because it prevents you from signing up with a fraudulent betting site.

Some of the Finest Fortnite Esports Betting Sites

However, if you want to avoid the stress of researching different bookmakers and betting sites for Fortnite games, this is the place to be. We researched the industry and compiled this list of trustworthy Fortnite esports betting sites.

Sports Spin

Spin Sports is the best bookmaker for betting on Fortnite games. The betting sites have all of the characteristics of an ideal Fortnite betting site, such as generous odds and bonuses, numerous payment options, and excellent customer service. For example, the site provides a 100% bonus on deposits of up to 200 pounds.


Betway is a relatively new bookmaker, having entered the market in 2006. Since then, the betting company has continued to provide excellent wagering services to esports fans. Betway’s bonus offers include up to £30 in free bets. Furthermore, it supports up to eight payment and banking methods.

OKBET Sports Betting

OKBETt’s features easily allowed the site to achieve the status of a leading Fortnite betting site. Its features include an eye-catching bonus offer, a 100% bonus on a 122-pound deposit, live streaming functionality (which is essential for esports titles like Fortnite), and many more.

These are three of the best betting sites where you can wager on Fortnite games. There are many more, but the scope of this article prevents us from covering them.

Markets for Fortnite Betting

The betting market for Fortnite isn’t as developed as it is for other esports titles due to the limited number of tournaments and events. However, there are a few betting markets you should be aware of.

Match Winner: This is the player who had the first kill on the map, had the most kills, or was the last man standing. Tournament Winner: This player has the most points and thus wins the tournament.


Fortnite is a popular game that is quickly becoming one of the most popular esports titles. This article introduces readers to the world of Fortnite betting, covering topics such as how to bet on Fortnite, the best Fortnite esports betting sites, and much more.

Fortnite Gaming: Esport Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betting On Fortnite Safe?

If you want to bet on Fortnite gaming events, you have nothing to worry about as long as you use a licensed esports betting platform. More information about licensed betting sites that accept Fortnite bets can be found here.

Where Can I Find the Best Fortnite Betting Strategies?

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Can I Play Fortnite on My Smartphone?

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Here is a list of betting sites that allow you to bet on Fortnite using your mobile phone.